Octopus Painting

Octopus Painting

This Octopus Painting was created in 2013 and first appeared at Baltimore’s Area 405‘s Exhibition, House Dignified. It now lives on the west coast of North America.

“In House Dignified, artists Amanda Burnham, Margo Elsayd, Frank Perrelli, Jessica Braiterman, Kathryn Cornelius and Joshua Johnson use location as portraiture to communicate notions of family, community, conflict, identity, and re-gentrification. The exhibition was part of the Artscape 2013 Gallery Network and was on view in compliment to Romeo & Juliet.”

Urban Identity, Decay and Gentrification: A House Dignified at Area 405 Reviewed by Brian Young

What’s up with Perrelli Fine Art ?

Hi, if you’re like me, you might be wondering what’s going on with Perrelli Fine Art. Here’s my introduction:

This site is an evolving showcase of original artwork created by Frank Perrelli, that’s me. I’m usually working on several paintings at once, but as soon as one is finished, you’ll see it here. All new work is for sale, and I’m always happy to provide additional photos, or answer questions.

When I’m not sharing new work, I will endeavor to add bygone pieces: Paintings that have been already sold to collectors.

If it’s new and available, it will be in the current Portfolio.

But if it’s gone for good, you will find an ongoing archive in this Blog.

My goal is to keep verbage to a minimum, and showcase and catalogue the paintings themselves. I hope you will visit again, and follow the progress on social media.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Frank